If You Give a Goat a Ride….

Because who doesn't tie up a goat to the bed of a truck and cruise down the interstate?


I passed this car on my way home from East TN and couldn't help but snap a pic. Obviously the person driving the truck is moving somewhere. I wonder if the check list went something like this:

1. Comforter

2. Foam topper for bed

3. Rope

4. Goat

The good news is the goat seemed perfectly chill. Like he's done this hundreds of times. I bet all his goat friends friends are so jealous. They're stuck eating grass all day while he's galavanting around with the wind in his ears. It's every goat's dream right? Of course I'm sure the goat has considered that he might die via choking if the driver pumps the brakes too hard and he flies out the back. Small risk. Barely worth mentioning. It's a risk he's willing to take.

Ride on, brave goat. Live the dream.