Update: Resolutions


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I thought I’d give a quick update on how mine are going (in case you missed my resolutions the first time you can see them here). I’m doing…ok. Some are going better than others. Why don’t we start with what I’m doing awesome at because I’m shallow like that. The book reading has been phenomenal. I tend to binge read so I’ve got 3 books under my belt so far. Every time I get on a reading kick I wonder why I don’t do it more. Then I remember I tend to get nothing done around the house when I have my nose in a book. I don’t mind it but apparently my family likes clean clothes. It’s an unfortunate reality.

The flossing hasn’t been an every day event but it’s definitely several times a week. I’m sure my dentist would be so proud. But I just switched dentists so he probably doesn’t remember me. Anywho, I’m doing better but I still don’t floss under my retainer. Who has time to get the little loop thing to go underneath the fixed retainer? Probably people who care more about dental hygiene than I do. Baby steps.

Now let’s talk about working out. I’ve been pretty good. Last week I only ended up working out twice. Unless you count when I took my dog on a walk up and down the street. And let’s be honest, if I’m being lazy, I definitely count it. I know. It’s pathetic. But overall, it’s been ok. I so wish I was one of those people that loved to work out. But I am no such person. I do feel better when I do it, but getting myself geared up to go is the hard part. So this resolution I already feel is going to be tough to keep, but I’m trying. I can only assume it’s comparable to people that like kale. They just keep eating it until they like it. Maybe one day I’ll like working out if I just keep doing it. Moving on…

Since I didn’t really put a timeframe on the adventures with the kids I haven’t exactly done a new adventure yet. I did take them hiking which counts as an adventure, but we’ve done it before. Not often because, well, my kids tend to like the indoors. It can be a struggle to get them outside sometimes. They don’t always love outdoor adventures. One, who shall remain nameless, would rather poke out his eyeballs than spend the day hiking, but he humors me and does it anyway. I’m thinking maybe in the spring taking them horseback riding because we’ve never been before. Anybody ever taken their kids horseback riding? Was it a good experience?

So, that’s how the resolutions are going. Not totally awesome, but not epic failure. I’d love to know how yours are going! Leave me a note in the Comments section and let me know!


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