The first

Yikes. First blog post. We can get through this. I know you're nervous. You're all: "What's this going to be about? Are you funny? Is this a blog about professional wrestling?"

And I'm all: "Just wait and see. Am I funny? I guess that depends on who you ask. To some, I'm funny. To others….I'm awkward. Like when I say something I think is a bit funny and the other person just stares and blinks at me because they don't get my humor. Or they laugh nervously because they're unsure if I'm serious. Devastation. So, some may "get me" and some may not. I'll try to hide my disappointment if you don't.

Is this blog about professional wrestling? No. I mean, there may be occasional references to an Ultimate Warrior or a sleeper hold, but no, this blog is not about wrestling. "Off the Top Rope" was actually my husband's suggestion for a blog title. He likes it because it is a wrestling term. (To be clear, my husband has a real job that doesn't require him to wear crazy spandex or face paint.) I like it because I think it can mean a lot of things. For me, it's about conquering fear. Writing for other to people to read is scary for me so I feel like I'm jumping off the top rope right now. I'm not necessarily writing about one specific topic on this blog, so it may be something different every time.

So now that we know each other, let's roll.

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