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Frye Booties These boots, guys, are my jam. I don’t own them because the budget won’t allow it, but let me tell you what they represent.


These boots and all booties, for that matter, are a beacon of hope to women like me. What kind of woman is that, you ask?

The woman that lives with Big Calf Syndrome. Trust me, it’s a thing. I’m sure there’s something about it in all those world wide webs.

Being a woman with BCS is usually not that big of a deal. I go through spring and summer and don’t even give it a thought, because let’s be honest, spring/summer I have bigger fish to fry, like being in a bathing suit. Gag. Just thinking about it makes me feel like I need to do a crunchie. I digress.

BCS doesn’t really start affecting me until September. I’ll be walking around minding my own business and BAM! Tall boots in the store window. It’s the glaring reminder that tall boots were made for the skinny-calfed people of the world. And all the skinny-calfed people reading this don’t even know what I’m talking about. Until you’ve had your ginormous calf muffin-top over the top of tall boots, you won’t understand the pain. Bet you didn’t know muffin-topping could happen somewhere besides your waistline. The struggle is real, friends. It’s emotional and physical. Emotional because you never really considered the size of your calves until you tried stuffing them down in to a pair of leather knee highs. It’s also a physical pain, what with the seam of the boot boring rope marks into your skin. And let’s not forget that during the time you are willing your leg into this boot, you have surely broken a sweat. Do you know what happens when you sweat? Your skin seems to expand. I know this because I’ve experienced it and I’m a nurse so you should pretty much believe everything I say (just kidding about that last part but for some reason, if I say I’m a nurse people automatically think I know the answer to every health-related question. #mythbuster).

So here’s a little math equation for you:

Sweaty big calf > nonsweaty big calf

 Skinny-calfed girls are glazed over reading this right now. It’s like they’re trying to make sense of Japanese or hieroglyphics. Bless.

So imagine my excitement when I see that booties are all the rage! I bought my first pair last fall not knowing, or caring, if they were fashionable. I just wanted to wear something besides ballet flats with my jeans. Big calf girls of the world, REJOICE! We don’t have to trudge through winter in flats with no socks! We might not get toe-sicles this year! Shoe designers have finally heard our cry! Our calves can breath easy for they will not have to be confined to too-tight leather. They can be free to be who God made them to be. Big and proud. So this day I am thankful to the booty…the shoe kind, obviously.


P.S. I would love to know how many dudes clicked on this blog thinking it was about college football. Hehe. Don’t you feel more educated now that you’ve read about Big Calf Syndrome? I bet you didn’t even know it was a thing. You’re welcome.

P.S.S. I know, I know…the BCS for football isn’t a thing anymore. My husband gave me a lesson on the other BCS before I posted this.


So, tell me, what’s your favorite shoe for the fall/winter?



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