Update: Unresolutions.

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Since my last post was on how my resolutions were going, I thought I’d take a minute and tell ya’ll how the “unresolutions” are panning out. I know you all will be shocked, but I am totally nailing ALL of them! It’s been effortless, in fact. Right now there are papers cluttering my kitchen desk, laundry that needs to be folded, fridges that need to be cleaned out, and a pantry in complete disarray. I’m exceeding even my own expectations of unorganization. You would think I spent hours piling up the clothes and spreading out papers everywhere. It took merely minutes! The kids pitching in and leaving their schoolwork wherever they decide to take it out is super helpful too.

You’ll also be glad to know the earliest I’ve attempted to get up to have some quiet time is maybe 6:15, but usually it’s closer to 6:30. Some days it’s after the kids are at school. And if I’m being honest…there are some days it doesn’t happen at all. Sometimes even with the best of intentions, life happens and is a time thief. Maybe one day I’ll have the discipline to wake up well before the sun to study the Word. I can only see this happening if later in life I become an insomniac because right now I love some good sleep.

IMG_3271I know you’ll have a hard time believing this but I have resisted the urge to don Black Beauty in a car décor. Actually, there was no urge. Not even a hankering. No, this has been an easy “unresolution” to keep. Now, to be completely honest, she did wear a bow for a hot minute when she was given to me. I think a big red bow might be the only appropriate car decoration. But hours later she was de-bowed and has had no trouble adjusting to life without the bow.

Ok, I saved the best for last. I know you’ve been dying to find out. It’s been keeping you up at night, surely.

“Has she been able to NOT lose 25 lbs?”

The answer is YES! Double YES!

I’m sure many of you have seen me recently and thought to yourself, “Gosh, it doesn’t look like she’s lost any weight at all.” You would be correct, my friend! You wouldn’t believe how easy it’s been to keep the weight on. One would think I’m not even trying. Want to know my secret? I know you’re waiting with bated breath on your side of the Internet. The secret is to work out a few times a week and continue to eat dessert every day. Whoop there it is. You’re welcome. There’s no chance of me ever putting a pic of my weight on the scale. Ever.

As you can see, the “unresolutions” are my jam. Easy peasy. Maybe I should make some more. Like: Always leave a cup/water bottle in my car cupholder. ALWAYS. Or maybe: Leave the Goodwill pile in the laundry room for months before actually taking it to Goodwill. Hmmm…pretty sure I could rock these too.


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