Happy Valentine's Day Y'all.


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Allenfront.jpgltAllenback2.jpgltEvery year I get this question from at least a couple of people: “Why do you send out a Valentine’s card? Do you love Valentine’s Day or something?”

My answer: “Christmas cards stress me out.”

Let me elaborate. The reason I do a Valentine’s Day card instead of a traditional Christmas card is because Christmas cards stress me out. Not other people’s Christmas cards, I LOVE getting those. I’m talking about me actually taking a family photo, getting a card made, addressing the cards, licking the nasty envelope glue, then, finally, putting a stamp on it and mailing it. The Christmas season always seems to leave me with too much to do and not enough time to do it. So I decided 4 years ago to take something off my Christmas to-do list. I made the decision instead of sending Christmas cards, we were sending out Valentine’s cards. Because guess what’s on my to-do list in January and February? Absolutely nothing. It’s glorious. I have plenty of time to get cards done in February. I’m pretty sure the first year I told Kyle we were sending Valentine’s cards instead of Christmas cards he thought it was super weird. Now that we’ve done it for a while I think he kinda likes it. I don’t know about you but I love getting surprise mail, y’know, that mail that’s not an advertisement/coupon/bill.

And as for the second question, no, I do not have extra special feelings about Valentine’s Day as opposed to other holidays. My house isn’t decorated in red and pink with a Valentine’s tree or anything. I have cute Vday hand towels from Target hanging in my kitchen. Does that count for decoration?

Remember when we were kids and we got to make a box for all the Valentines we were going to get at school? Those were the days. You weren’t allowed to leave anyone out so everyone always ended up with lots of Valentines. And candy. Then, for the girls, we would freak out because a boy would sign his card Love, Johnny. Then we would talk at length about if he really loved us or was he just saying that. And if he did love us that would be so gross because we were 8 year old girls and boys had cooties at the time. Except Jeff Dill. In third grade I crushed him so hard and totally wanted him to sign his Love, Jeff. He probably never did. I think he only liked sports. Sigh.

Anyway, consider this your grown up Valentine’s card. If you don’t get any this year, you can count this one from me! Happy Valentine’s!


P.S. Our Valentine’s cards were made by the one and only G Baldwin. She’s amazing and if you want pictures done she’s the bomb. Sorry out-of-towners, she’s in Nashville.

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