PSA to all the technicians

Let me start by saying I am eternally grateful for people that come to my home and fix things that my husband and I have no idea how to fix. The plumbers, electricians, yard people, cable guys, pest control, etc., you all are awesome at what you do. First of all, I don’t think I could have a job where I physically go into people’s homes every day. It’s the same reason I couldn’t be an in-home nurse. There’s way too much I don’t know about on the other side of the door. What if the house smells? What if someone’s naked? What if the people that live there are hoarders? What if they have 100 cats? Or indoor farm animals? So many variables! I can’t even handle it! So kudos to all you brave men and women who go into people’s homes with straight faces and the ability to choke back your gag reflex.  

That being said, if you are a person fixing anything in my home, please I beg you, don’t try to explain to me what you did to fix my problem. I always dread when the technician is finished and wants to go over what he/she did. When they open their mouths it’s as if they begin speaking in their native techy language that sounds like English but makes absolutely no sense.


I had a cable guy come to our house recently to fix our cable, hence his title “cable guy”. He kept asking me all these questions about our cable boxes and wireless information and lots of other questions he should have known better than to ask me. If only he had known on the front end I have no idea about anything technological that goes on in my house, he could have saved himself a lot of trouble. He’s asking me things like when did we get new cable boxes, did I know some of our electrical wasn’t grounded, when’s the last time we had electrical work done, and so on and so forth. Hey Buddy, maybe just pretend that I don’t speak techy and I know absolutely nothing about anything that you’re talking about, ok? It will make both our lives a lot less frustrating. Oh and when my eyes start to glaze over as you begin talking about routers and HDMI cables, this is your signal that you’ve completely lost me. I’ll nod and say intelligent things like “Oh” and “Really?” while you talk, but all I’m really thinking about is what I’m going to eat for lunch and when are you going to leave so I can do that?


Like I said, I am so appreciative to have people that will come and fix things at my house that my husband and I are too inept to fix, but please don’t tell me about it. You are wasting your breath and billable time. But thank you for making me electrical outlets work so my family can continue charging our precious electronic devices. And thank you for making sure our DVR is able to record our TV shows that we can’t live without: Nashville, Fixer Upper, and Full House. We finally just bought our kids the set of Full House videos for Christmas so it wouldn’t take up so much space on our DVR. Who knew my kids would grow up on the same show we did? They are addicted to it like crack. I digress.

So thank you sweet technicians for all that you do!


Anybody else not understand a word when a technician opens his/her mouth to talk?



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