An Update On Brian The Bear And A Deal You Don't Want To Miss!

It’s here, ya’ll. That time of year when we start to think about what to buy our people for Christmas. Are you the kind who is finished shopping by Thanksgiving? Or do you wait and do the mad dash the week before Christmas? I change from year to year on this. Sometimes I’m on top of it and have at least started picking things out and possibly made some online purchases, but this year…nah. Haven’t even started and I’m not at all concerned. It’ll be fine. I think. I hope. Maybe they won’t want the hot ticket item that requires a kidney for payment or getting in some sort of line at midnight to wait for 100 hours. Maybe.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, (killer segway) I wanted to tell you a little bit about my Christmas book, The Forgotten Ornament. It’s a story about Ollie, an old worn out ornament trying to make it on his family’s Christmas tree. He knows that Mother only wants the prettiest ornaments for her trees so it’s unlikely that he will be picked, but he has to try. The story tells of his mission to get to the top of the ornament box with a little help from the other reject ornaments that are picked over year after year. His spirit of hope is endearing and contagious. I won’t give away the end but just know I’m a sucker for a happy ending. This sweet little ornament reminds all of us that it’s not how we look that makes us special; we are valuable simply because we were created. We are loved just as we are.

This book isn’t faith based but the underlying theme is hope and belonging. If you want to peel back more layers to see the spiritual truth that God loves us simply because we are His creation, peel away. Let my book be your onion.

Please consider buying this little book for the kids in your life. If not for your kids, maybe your nieces and nephews, or grandkids, or expectant mothers who need a new Christmas book to add to their collection. I would be so grateful to have little Ollie in the hands of as many sweet kiddos as possible this Christmas season! He carries hope for all of us who feel not pretty enough, good enough, smart enough, or just plain not enough; we will always be enough to the One who created us. All you have to do is click on the Shop tab at the top of the page to snag a copy. And while you’re there you can also check out my other children’s book, Rooster’s Balloon. It’s a grief book specifically created to help children who have lost a loved one and was inspired by dear friends of mine who lost their daughter. If you order this week you get FREE SHIPPING!! Check ‘em out!

Ok, now for those of you have been with me for a while, I wanted to give you a little update on a Christmas present that was a BIG deal around our house last year. Well, for my daughter is was a big deal. If you followed my story, you know what a bear it was to get (hehe)!  (If you’re reading this post via email you will have to click the Read in browser to watch the video.) Enjoy!