My Latest Project...

To my people that work out regularly, what’s the best outcome or result you’ve had because of it? I would guess many of your responses would go something like this:

More energy!

Weight loss!

Toned muscles!

Flatter tummy!

Gained strength!

Overall feeling better!

Reaching fitness goals!


And we have to put exclamation points after all of those because that’s what people who are excited about fitness do! My best result from working out?

The opportunity to write a book!

About a year ago, a friend of mine I met through the gym texted me and asked if I’d be interested in writing a book for her husband’s company. Because I like to act professional and nonchalant, I immediately texted back “YES!!” without knowing much of anything about what this job would entail. Kyle has always advised me to “fake it til you make it” so I figured this was as good a time as any to employ his motto. So that’s what I did.

The company, Banded, is here in the Nashville area and has created such a fantastic product and it was a dream to work on a book to go along with it. Let me show you the product first…

I mean.


How cute is this little lovie?! And this is just one of the animals you can choose from. Currently they have 6 available for purchase on their website.

Now, there are several great things about this product:

1. You can detach it from the pacifier and wash it when it gets dirty.

      *I’m sure your precious baby always leaves their lovie in their crib

       and would never ever take it outside and get it dirty;) but just in case, you can detach the lovie from the pacifier and toss it into the wash.

2. The lovie lies flat so the pacifier won’t fall out of a little baby’s mouth as easily. 

     *If your baby sleeps on their back, the lovie can just lay right on their tummies while they sleep!

3. A board book comes with it so it makes it a perfect gift set to give someone that’s having a baby!

     *I’m only partially saying that because I wrote the book;)

4. The board book is actually to be used when you’re ready for your little one to give up the pacifier.

     *It focuses mainly on how the lovie is their friend they get to keep once the pacifier goes away. It emphasizes the idea that because they are getting bigger they don’t need a pacifier anymore. And its rhymey so super easy to read! And I promise its WAAAAAAAY shorter than my other children’s’ books! No, really, I pinky promise it’s super short!

So if you have friends/daughters/granddaughters/neighbors/teachers/hair stylists/grocery cashiers/manicurists/Sunday School teachers/coffee shop baristas/etc. in your life that are pregnant I highly recommend giving this as a gift!!

Order your Sleepyhead HERE!!! And let me know what you think!!