Make Every Day Halloween

Halloween is coming. It’s inevitable. It happens every year. I’m going to be honest with you: I’m not good at Halloween. I’m awesome at eating candy. Like I would probably medal in it if it were an Olympic event. It’s the dressing up part that I stink at. We’re not that family that strolls the neighborhood in matching themed costumes. Nor could we ever be that family because that would require all of us to agree on a common theme. This would never happen. Ever. But with Halloween fast approaching, I’ve been reminiscing on ghosts of Halloweens past. When I think back over past Halloween costumes (mine and others), I do find it funny that some things that were cool when I was growing up are starting to come back around…except as every day wear, not just costume wear.



Let’s consider the classic hobo costume. I’m well versed in this one since my brother went as a hobo multiple times for Halloween. The lack of creativity must be genetic. Now, when I think about what constitutes a hobo costume I think: ripped jeans, slouchy shirt, ratty shoes, and messy hair. I feel like I may have seen this exact get-up on an Anthropologie ad. Oh wait…I did. So, methinks people might be dressing as hobos because it’s fashionable now. They may not put the dirt on their cheeks like my brother did but the similarities are there.


(Katy Perry)

One of my favorite go-to ideas for Halloween was to put neon hairspray in my hair. I thought I was so dope with my hot pink hair. Nowadays, people are intentionally dying their hair pink. Or purple, or blue, or green…the list goes on and on. Once a costume accessory, now a fashion statement. Interesting.


(Bedazzled nails)

This last one may be a bit of a stretch, but I think the same idea is at play. Fingernails. I remember kids in witch costumes sporting the long, black fingernails. I don’t know if Lee press on nails are still the rage, but I do know that people still want fancy fingernails even when it’s not Halloween. Now women get crazy colors on their nails anytime. And recently I have noticed bedazzled nails popping up all over Pinterest, a sure sign of popularity. No doubt this is a fad but I think if I had known about bedazzled nails in the ‘80s I would have rocked those along with my pink hair.

As you can see, it’s now acceptable to dress up any day you want even if it’s not Halloween. I’m sure many of you have been considering dressing up like me for Halloween (#sarcasm), so let me help you out. The outfit is fairly simple: workout clothes (even if you’re not working out that day) and ponytail hair. That’s it. Now if you want accessories, go get a janky SUV and carry around a cookie and you’ve pretty much nailed it.

What was your best Halloween costume growing up?


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