Halloween Hangover Breakfast.

Anybody else having this for breakfast?


Every year I have intentions of buying the candy I don’t like for our trick-or-treaters. You know, like that weird candy wrapped in black and orange wrappers. Gross. I refuse to do this to my little visitors. They’ve worked far too hard getting their costumes together and make-up just right. They’ve walked many miles because in my hood the houses are not close together. They should be rewarded for their efforts!


What am I saying?

I know, as well as everyone, the moms did all the hard work here. The moms who had to return costumes because they weren’t the right color or their kid changed their mind at the last minute so they had to get a different costume altogether. Or the rockstar moms who actually MADE their kids’ costumes (y’all are my heroes). The moms who follow behind their kids trick-or-treating, holding whatever part of the costume their kid doesn’t want to wear anymore, all the while reminding them to say “thank you” to the people handing out candy.

And moms do this, house after house, schlepping parts of their kids’ costumes and probably their heavy candy buckets because the wee ones are “too tired” to carry them. And, miraculously, during all of this, you moms manage to take pictures to document this holiday so it will forever be remembered.

So this year, I’m buying candy for the moms. Their hard work should be compensated with good candy to sneak from their kids’ buckets after the children go to bed. I promise to give you good, brand name candy covered in chocolate. Think Twix, Reeses, and Almond Joys. No weird black and orange wrappers and definitely no toothbrushes (I mean, for the love, are people serious with the toothbrushes?). So here’s to you moms and all you do for your kids! Sneak the good stuff…you wouldn’t want them rotting their teeth anyway. #becauseyoureagoodmom

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?!


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