Writing Woes.


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Want to know what’s more fun than writing? Talking about writing. Thinking about writing. Imagining how cool you would look pulling out your laptop in some hipster coffee shop and typing away. Of course looking the part is also essential, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. Just wear some skinny jeans with slouchy boots, slouchy shirt, oversized scarf, and hair in a messy up-do. It’s almost like you rolled out of bed but with lip gloss and mascara. It seems so glamorous doesn’t it?

When I started this blog, this is how I pictured it in my mind. Just hanging out in coffee shops, pretending I’m some sort of connoisseur of coffee when really all I get is a latte. Coffee is bitter. I care much less about the roast and much more about what’s going to be added into it to make it taste like dessert. Then I would sit for hours having amazing ideas pour out of my fingertips onto the keys of my laptop. For the record, I’m not sure this has ever happened while I’ve been trying to write in a coffee shop.

The problem is I get distracted easily. I get more into people watching than getting my thoughts out. Sometimes if the tables are too close together, I can’t finish a thought because I keep overhearing what the people at the table next to me are talking about. And sometimes it’s more interesting than whatever my thought is. Then I want to know more about what Luke did to make her so mad. And is she really going to break up with him this time? How does she know he won’t just revert back to his bad behavior? These are the things that keep me from getting work done.

The thing about working is that, well, it’s work. I’m beginning to understand that if I want to be a writer I’m going to have to…write. Like make it a priority. Instead of dreaming about my perfect setting in which to write, just go sit at my kitchen table and actually do it. So today I’m writing at my kitchen table. And it’s not glamorous. I have my house shoes on and am eating Greek yogurt (see, sometimes I do make good food choices). But it’s happening. Words are coming out of my fingers. I’m turning something I want to do into something I’m doing. Go do something today instead of just thinking about it. You won’t regret it.


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