Comparing Gifts.

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Recently I’ve been reading memoirs/autobiographies and I’ve noticed something about myself. If I read their book and deem the authors funny or wise or kind or really good at their job, I sit there and subconsciously think of ways I could be more like this person. I, of course, think my life is crap and theirs is perfect. They’ve got it all figured out and I, well, I don’t. So if I could be more like them I could reach that point in my life where everyone would think I’ve got this life figured out because I would. Because it’s all about me, really. So I start making mental notes of things I need to do, organizations I should be a part of, people I need to contact, because it worked for that person so I should model my life after theirs.

There’s just one problem.

God made me to be me and He made them to be them. I can’t be them. He didn’t design me that way. And the more time I spend thinking about ways I can be like them, the more I miss what God has for me. When I try so hard to be like someone else, it’s like me telling God, “Yeah, sorry, I don’t really like the gifts you gave me. I don’t appreciate how you designed me. You really could’ve done a better job. So, thanks, but no thanks.”

WHAT?!?!? If my kid said that to me I would be heartbroken. Absolutely crushed.

In Romans 12:6, it says, “Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them…”

Because of His grace God gives us DIFFERENT gifts.

Then He tells us to USE them.

How can I use my gifts if I’m using all my energy trying to be like someone else? I can’t. We don’t get to choose what our gifts are. We don’t create them for ourselves. We receive them for no other reason than God wants us to have them and use them for His glory. And as if it’s not enough that God just gives us a gift, when we use it, we are filled. When I write, I feel joy and contentment and peace. When I try to be like someone else I feel inadequate and shame and emptiness. There’s a reason for that. Listen up. I’m…not…supposed…to…be…them!

If I’m in relationship with God, He’ll let me know what I’m supposed to be doing. So if your gift is kindness, go be kind. If it’s listening, call your friend and ask about how they’re doing. If it’s encouragement, go encourage someone at work. Chances are, if these are your gifts you’re probably doing these things already because it comes naturally to you, but for some reason we think these gifts aren’t really all that great. They’re not flashy. They don’t make you famous. They seem…ordinary. But maybe we should be asking the receiver of our gifts what they think about them. I bet your gift meant the world to them. God doesn’t give bad gifts. Use what you’ve been given to go do what you’re supposed to do. Don’t wait. God’s got big plans for that seemingly small act of kindness. He’s planting seeds with those words of encouragement. And you know what seeds do? They grow. Unless they’re at my house. Then they die. I am not good at growing anything but humans at my house. But you get where I’m going with this, right?

How ‘bout let’s make a pact to be grateful for the gifts God blessed us with and quit worrying if THEIR gift is better, mkay? Cuz it’s not. I think God’s gifts to us are different but equal in value. Value your gift. And if you don’t know what yours is, go ask your best friend. I bet they know and they would be happy/eager to tell you. Cuz that’s what besties do.

Take a minute and let me know what your gift is in the Comments section. It’s not being braggy, I asked you to!


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