Stop Throwing Christians Under the Bus


Red cups. Guys, I can’t even deal with this. I feel like in order for me to move on from this topic I have to get my feelings out. I apologize in advance for the soapbox. I typically don’t weigh in on current events like this but it’s just so ridiculous that it’s drawing me in. Again, my apologies.

First of all, when did we start putting expectations on our coffee cups to fill us with Christmas spirit? Is this really the job of a cup? We’ve never asked our coffee cups to wish us Happy Birthday or Happy Thanksgiving, why is this different? My expectation of my coffee cup is for it to hold coffee. That’s it.

Second, when did we start using our coffee cups to tell others Merry Christmas? Are people walking around holding up their coffee cups at one another rather than actually saying “Merry Christmas?” Did I miss this phenomenon? No more saying “Merry Christmas” just hold up your cup it’ll say it for you. This is absurd.

Third, we do realize Starbucks is a secular company, right? Why on earth would we expect a company that doesn’t necessarily believe in Jesus to wish Jesus “Happy Birthday” on their cups? There’s no Christmas without the birth of Jesus so why would we expect them to recognize it as such?

It's beyond frustrating that we've allowed a couple of people with platforms speak for all of us "Christians." Acting as if all the "Christians" are in an uproar over a red cup. Did any one of these people take a poll to find out if the "Christians" are actually offended by the plain red cup before shooting off their mouths? According to my Facebook feed, apparently not. No one cares about the cups. Get over it. Please stop giving the world more ammo to shoot down the Christians. We make enough mistakes and blunders on our own without you throwing in nonsensical issues.

Can we just love people and not stir up dust over things that really don't matter? Our measure of compassion for others matters. Our measure of grace for others matters. Our loving our neighbor matters. Red cups, not so much. It's no wonder people are so disillusioned with the church and Christians if this is what we're putting out there for the world to see. Why are we letting the nitpickers have the microphone? They don't represent the majority of Christians who think this a stupid issue to begin with.

Let’s not let the devil take our eye off the ball. This red cup controversy is a distraction. It is silly. Fight a battle worth fighting. If Starbucks said they wouldn’t serve you coffee because you were a Christian that might be a battle worth fighting. Or you could go to one of the other bazillion coffee shops that exist. Fight good fights. Stay focused. And for the love, say Merry Christmas to others, don’t sit back and expect a cup to say it for you. Ok, stepping off my soapbox, hopefully I won’t trip on the way down.

Does this issue have anyone else baffled?


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