The Grizz


This is Grizz. He was what Blake wanted the most this Christmas. I had a conversation with Grizz on Christmas Eve while I drove him to his new home. It went a little something like this:

“So, blue fish, I’m going to start by saying I’m so sorry. I know nothing about fish and you might be dead in 2 days. I feel bad for you, blue fish. I don’t know if we’ll remember to feed you and I can’t make any promises my kid won’t tap on the glass of your new home and bug the heck out of you. He’s really going to love you though. He’s going to love you so much he’ll probably ask me if he can feed you 15 times a day. I’ll try not to let him but he’s tall now and can reach the food so it’s basically out of my hands. Blue fish, I’m just so sorry. For real, you’re probably going to die soon but at least it won’t be in this lame cup. It will be in a little aquarium with rocks and a blue plant. Even though you’re close to death, I hope you have some happiness knowing that the little boy who’s receiving you is going to be stoked that you’re his fish. Like crazy excited. So at least you have that.”

I’m so happy to report that Grizz is still alive and well 2 ½ weeks after coming to his forever home! Can you call it a “forever home” with a fish? I don’t know, it’s better than saying your “temporary home before you start swimming upside down”, right? Anyway, Blake was SUPER excited about his fish and is actually quite good at remembering to feed him. He wanted to name him Grizz because his basketball team is the Grizzlies this year and since we have some Memphis roots, we cheer for the Grizzlies. Well, as much as I cheer for any team. Really this just means I get a little warm fuzzy when they play because I’m from Memphis but that’s about it. My boys are much better fans than I am. I know, Memphis peeps, I’m a huge disappointment. If it makes you feel better, Knoxville feels the same way about me.

I just wanted to take a minute and introduce you to the newest addition to the Allen house. Don’t worry, Nash is adjusting just fine.


P.S. Be on the lookout for some BIG news about my new children’s book!!! Excited doesn’t even cover it!!!

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