It was a big day...

IMG_4584 This story, you guys. There are so many feelings inside this story. So many prayers and tears have gone into this story. I don’t want to give it all away before it’s ready to be released but I’m just so excited I can’t stand it! This is just the proof copy for me to look over but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the cover! I MEAN. So cute, right?!? I can’t even handle it. And the inside? Oh the inside is a masterpiece. I can say that because I didn’t illustrate it myself. If it were my handiwork, we’d be seeing a LOT of stick people. Ya’ll it’s so good. Your kids are going to love it because it’s got pretty pictures. YOU are going to love it because of the message. You will not necessarily WANT to read your kids this book but you NEED to. Trust me on this. I’ll give you more details as the release date gets closer. I can’t give away all the goodies on the front end! It’s my ploy to get you to come back to the ol bliggidy! Painfully clever, I know. I promise to keep you updated and, more importantly, let you know when it’s coming out!!!! EEEEEKS!!!!


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