The Best '80s Refurb of 2017

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The air is turning cool, kids need sweatshirts at the bus stop, Starbucks’ pumpkin spice is back…

It’s happening.

Fall is so close I can almost taste it.

One of my favorite things about fall is the warmer, cozier clothes. So can we take a minute and observe a moment of silent gratitude for one of my most favorite articles of clothing?

Will you join me?

Let’s just take a minute and offer up a little thanks to whoever created joggers.

I’ll give you a minute…



Joggers. The socially acceptable sweatpants. You are my jam. You are my lobster. You are worthy of my praise. That last one seems a bit strong, but seriously, who decided to bring back ‘80s sweatpants and give them a skinny vibe thereby making them cool? Whoever it was I want to shake their hand, give them a warm embrace, take them out to dinner, whatever it takes to show them my gratitude for bringing back the article of clothing that used to mean you had given up on life.

I used to get worried wearing the joggers out, like I was getting judged for not really trying to put myself together, but now? I walk with swagger because somebody somewhere decided they were cool again and I’m riding that train ALL the way into the station. I’ve also noticed some brands making jeans with stretchy tops. Like ‘spensive brands. Are we saying maternity pants can be worn by non-pregnant people and EVERYBODY’S FINE WITH IT? You mean to tell me I’m not obligated to wear pants with buttons? Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Jesus can come back. My life is complete. And what does it say about me that basically I want all my pants to resemble that of a toddler? Don’t care because I can breathe and not have to suck in to button my pants and not have red marks on my stomach all day!! Ladies, if you haven’t jumped on the jogger train, you have my invitation to climb aboard.  Down with the buttons! Stretchy pants for life!